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Defining Key Flexfield Structures


Warning: Some Oracle Applications tables store the segment separator as part of your flexfield values. Changing your separator once you have data in such tables may invalidate that data and cause application errors.

You must freeze and compile your flexfield definition before you can use your flexfield. If you have more than one flexfield structure, you must freeze, save, and compile each structure separately. If you decide to make changes to your flexfield definition, make sure that you freeze and save your flexfield definition again after making your changes.

Warning: Do not modify a frozen flexfield definition if existing data could be invalidated. An alteration of the flexfield structure once you have any flexfield data can create serious data inconsistencies. Changing your existing structures may also adversely affect the behavior of any cross-validation rules or shorthand aliases you have for your structures, so you should be sure to manually disable or redefine any cross-validation rules and shorthand aliases to reflect your changed structures.

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