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Setting User Profile Options

As System Administrator, you use the System Profile Values window to set profile options for your user community. If you change a user profile option value, your change takes effect as soon as your users log on again or change responsibilities. See: System Profile Values Window.

When you set a user profile, you provide Oracle Applications with standard information (such as printer) that describes a user, responsibility, application, or site. You can set values for user profile options at each profile level.

Site Option settings pertain to all users at an installation site.
Application Option settings pertain to all users of any responsibility associated with the application.
Responsibility Option settings pertain to all users currently signed on under the responsibility.
User Option settings pertain to an individual user, identified by their application username.
The values you set at each level provide run-time values for each user's profile options. An option's run-time value becomes the highest-level setting for that option.

When a profile option may be set at more than one level, site has the lowest priority, superseded by application, then responsibility, with user having the highest priority. For example, a value entered at the site level may be overridden by values entered at any other level. A value entered at the user level has the highest priority, and overrides values entered at any other level.

For example, for a given user, assume the printer option is set only at the site and responsibility levels. When the user logs on, the printer option assumes the value set at the responsibility level, since it is the highest-level setting for the option.

Suggestion: As System Administrator, you should set site-level option values before specifying profile options at the other three levels after the installation of Oracle Applications. The options specified at the site-level work as defaults until the same options are specified at the other levels.

Application users may use the Personal Profile Values window to set their own personal profile options at the user level. Not all profile options are visible to users, and some profile options, while visible, may not be updated by end users.

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