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How To View Request Status and Output

Use any of the following methods to view the status and output of concurrent requests.

Use the Requests Window

Use the Requests window to view the status of concurrent requests, and to view request log and report output files.

The System Administrator and Oracle Alert Manager have a privileged version of the Requests window that provides you with more capabilities than your end users. For example, using the Requests window, you can view the status of and log files for all concurrent requests (not just your own), including requests that completed unsuccessfully. On some platforms, you can even view the log files of running requests.

Using the same window, you can view your own report output online. You cannot, however, view report output from other users' requests.

From the Requests window, you can also:

Run the Completed Concurrent Requests Report

You can run a report that lists parameters and any error messages associated with concurrent requests that have completed running. See: Completed Concurrent Requests Report.

See Also

Reviewing Requests, Request Log Files, and Report Output Files

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