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Auditing User Activity

Oracle Applications provides a Sign-On Audit feature that allows you to:

With Sign-On Audit, you can record usernames, terminals, and the dates and times your users access Oracle Applications. Sign-On Audit can also track the responsibilities and forms your users use, as well as the concurrent processes they run.

Major Features

Selective Auditing

Sign-On Audit lets you choose who to audit and what type of user information to track. You can selectively determine what audit information you need, to match your organization's needs.

Monitor Application Users

The Monitor Users form gives you online, real-time information about who is using Oracle Applications and what they are doing.

You can see what users are signed on (application username and operating system login name), what responsibilities, forms, and terminals they are using, how long they have been working on forms, and what ORACLE processes they are using.

Sign-On Audit Reports

Sign-On Audit Reports give you historical, detailed information on what your users do in your application.

You can give search criteria to narrow your search for information.

You can also sort your Sign-On Audit information to create easy-to-read reports.

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