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Support and Upgrading

To manage your customizations and handle upgrade considerations follow these guidelines:

Trouble with Forms Operating with the CUSTOM Library

If a form is operating incorrectly, and you have coded Zoom logic for it, use the menu to disable the CUSTOM library code temporarily (Help->Tools->Custom Code->Off) so you can determine whether the problem comes from the customizations or Oracle Applications code. If you are using Release 10SC Production 12 or earlier, you should replace your CUSTOM library with the default CUSTOM library shipped with Oracle Applications before calling Oracle Support.


An Oracle Applications upgrade will overwrite any modifications you have made to the CUSTOM library, so you must keep a backup copy of CUSTOM with the changes you make. Replace the default CUSTOM library with your custom version after the upgrade.

Remember, form and block names may change after an upgrade to Oracle Applications. You should test any custom logic that you have defined to confirm that it still operates as intended before using it in a production environment.

Customizing Oracle Applications with the CUSTOM Library

Writing Code for the CUSTOM Library

Events Passed to the CUSTOM Library

When to Use the CUSTOM Library

Coding Zoom

CUSTOM Library Package Procedures

Example of Implementing Zoom Using the CUSTOM Library

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