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Amount Types

General Ledger provides the following amount types, which can be specified in the Balance Control region of a FSG row or column definition:

BAL-Actual (FY Start): Balance sheet balance at start of fiscal year

EOD: End-of-day balances

PATD: Period Average-to-date balances

PTD-Actual: Period-to-date actual balances

PTD-Budget: Period-to-date budget balances

PTD-Encumbrance: Period-to-date encumbrance balances

PTD-Variance: Period-to-date variance (budget - actual)

PTD-Variance%: Period-to-date variance percentage (variance/budget)

Project-Actual: Project-to-date actual balances

Project-Budget: Project-to-date budget balances

Project-Encumbrance: Project-to-date encumbrance balances

Project-Variance: Project-to-date variance (budget - actual)

Project-Variance%: Project-to-date variance percentage (variance/budget)

QATD: Quarter Average-to-date balances

QTD-Actual: Quarter-to-date actual balances

QTD-Budget: Quarter-to-date budget balances

QTD-Encumbrance: Quarter-to-date encumbrance balances

QTD-Variance: Quarter-to-date variance (budget - actual)

QTD-Variance%: Quarter-to-date variance percentage (variance/budget)

YATD: Year Average-to-date balances

YTD-Actual: Year-to-date actual balances

YTD-Budget: Year-to-date budget balances

YTD-Budget (FY End): Budget for full fiscal year. You should first budget to all periods in your fiscal year, including an adjustment period if you have defined one.

YTD-Encumbrance: Year-to-date encumbrance balances

YTD-Encumbrance (FY End): Encumbrance balances for full fiscal year.

YTD-Variance: Year-to-date variance (budget - actual)

YTD-Variance%: Year-to-date variance percentage (variance/budget)

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