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Account Analysis Report with Subledger Detail

Review the details of subledger activity that has been posted to your General Ledger accounts. The report displays detail amounts for a specific journal source and category, in your functional currency or STAT.

This report prints the journal entry lines and beginning and ending balances of the accounts you request. For each journal entry line, the report prints the accounting date, category, journal batch name, header, sequence, number, line, description, and amount. For each journal entry line, the report also prints subledger details, including the vendor or customer name, transaction number, associated transaction, sequence, number, line, and transaction type.


When you request this report, General Ledger prompts you to enter the following:

Currency: Select the functional currency for your set of books or STAT.

Starting/Ending Period: Enter or select the accounting period range for your report. General Ledger starts a new page for every period in your range.

Flexfield From/To: Enter the account range for your report.

Journal Source: Enter or select the journal source to use for creating the report.

Journal Category: Enter or select the journal category to use for creating the report.

Sort By: Choose to sort the journal entry lines of your report by Sequence or Vendor.

Selected Headings

Refer to the selected heading descriptions below for additional information.

Acct Date: the accounting date of the journal reflected on the detail report line.

Batch: the name of the journal batch for the detail report line.

Journal Amount: the amount of the journal, expressed in the currency you chose for the report.

Account Balance: for each group of detail report lines, the beginning and ending period account balance are printed in this column.

Vendor/Customer: the vendor or customer name related to the journal on the detail report line.

Trans Number: the subledger transaction number.

Transaction Type: the subledger transaction type.

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