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Account Analysis Report

Review source, category and reference information to trace your functional currency or STAT transactions back to their original source. You can run this report with entry, line or source item reference information to help identify the origin of journals created by Journal Import.

This report prints the journal entry lines and beginning and ending balances of the accounts you request. For each journal entry line, the report prints the source, category, batch name, journal entry name, account, description, entry/line/source item reference information, and the debit or credit amount.


When you request this report, General Ledger prompts you to enter the following:

Type: Choose Entry Item to generate a report showing EXTERNAL_REFERENCE from the GL_JE_HEADERS table. This reference appears only if you provided one in the Enter Journals form or if you used Journal Import. Choose Line Item to generate a report showing REFERENCE_1 from the GL_JE_LINES table. Choose Source Item to generate a report showing REFERENCE_4 from the GL_JE_LINES table. These references appear only if you used Journal Import and included a journal voucher number, an invoice date and number, or some other source document information that helps you to identify the origin of this journal entry.

Currency: Choose either the functional currency for your set of books or STAT.

Balance Type: Choose to report on Actual, Budget, or Encumbrance balances. If you select budget balances, you must choose the Budget Name on which to report. If you select encumbrance balances, you must choose the Encumbrance Type on which to report.

Starting/Ending Period: Choose the accounting period range for your report. General Ledger starts a new page for every period in your range.

Flexfield From/To: Enter the account range for your report.

Order By: Choose to sort the journal entry lines of your report by Account Segment, Balancing Segment, or Source name.

Selected Headings

Refer to the selected heading descriptions below for additional information.

Beginning Balance: sum of all debits and credits for the accounts in the range as of the first day of each accounting period.

Ending Balance: sum of all debits and credits for the accounts in the range, plus the beginning balance, as of the last day of each accounting period.

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