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Entering Intercompany Transactions

Use the Enter Intercompany Transaction window to enter, update, approve, or reject intercompany transactions. You can also mark transactions to be deleted.

Additional Information: The sending and receiving subsidiary do not have to share the same chart of accounts.


   (Sender) To enter an intercompany transaction:

Note: You can only enter intercompany transactions for a subsidiary if your system administrator has set up access to the subsidiary from your responsibility.

You can only submit transactions for the subsidiary that is associated with your responsibility.

Note: General Ledger automatically enters your subsidiary name in the Sender field.

Note: When creating an automatically approved transaction, you must enter the receiver's intercompany transaction journal lines.

   To update a previously submitted intercompany transaction:

Additional Information: If your subsidiary has parent privileges, you can query transactions for any subsidiary. Otherwise, you can only query transactions for which your subsidiary is the sender or receiver.

Additional Information: If the transaction status is Approved, you can only modify the Note.

Note: If you are the receiving subsidary, you cannot modify the sender's accounts or amounts.

   (Receiver) To approve or reject an intercompany transaction:

To approve the intercompany transaction: To reject the intercompany transaction:
Suggestion: Use the Note field to enter your reason for rejecting the transaction.

Note: You cannot reject a transaction that was automatically approved by the sender.

   (Sender) To mark an intercompany transaction for deletion:

Use these steps to mark a transaction whose status is Review or Rejected for deletion. Note: These steps do not delete approved transactions. See: Deleting Approved Intercompany Transactions.

Note: You can only delete a transaction if its status is New or Rejected.

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