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Display Options

Use display options to specify how you want to display rows and columns. Since display options can affect how a number is going to appear on your report, make sure you allow enough printing positions when you define your columns.

Format Mask: Enter a format mask for displaying row values, if you want to override the column level format mask.

Factor: The factor (Billions, Millions, Thousands, Units, or Percentiles) determines how to display numeric values. The row set factor overrides the column level factor.

Level of Detail: You assign level of detail for individual rows and columns, as well as for a report. When you run the report, FSG prints only those rows and columns whose level of detail matches that specified for the report. There are three options that control the level of detail FSG prints on your report:

Note: If you do not enter a level of detail for a row or column, the system will assume the level of detail is Controller.

Display Row or Display Column: If a column is defined but not displayed, FSG still prints your column heading description and does not reposition other columns or their headings on your report. However, that column will not be visible in the Column Set Builder. For rows that are defined but not displayed, FSG hides the rows and repositions all other rows.

Display Zero: Use to print the row or column when it has a zero balance. If you do not choose this option, the row or column is suppressed on reports when it has a zero balance.

Change Sign: Use to change the sign on balances for display purposes only. General Ledger stores credits as negative amounts and debits as positive amounts. Therefore, change the sign for rows or columns with credit balances to print the credit balances as positive numbers. This option is typically defined for rows.

Change Sign on Variance: Use to change the sign on balances with a variance amount type for display purposes only. Note that variance is calculated as budget minus actual. This option typically applies to rows.

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