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Copying Report Objects From Another Database (FSG Transfer Program)

Run the FSG Transfer program to copy report objects from one General Ledger database to another. You can copy row sets, column sets, reports, report sets, content sets, row orders, display sets, and display groups.

For example, when you implement General Ledger, you might also define all of your FSG objects in a test database. Once your production database is fully functional, you can easily copy the FSG objects from your test database by using the FSG Transfer program.


   To run the FSG Transfer program:

Other Considerations

The report produced by the FSG Transfer concurrent request identifies any warnings and error messages which occurred when the program ran. Some of the reasons for warnings include:

If the FSG Transfer program is interrupted, you can resubmit the program with the same parameters. Note that the program will produce warning messages for any report objects that were successfully transferred during the interrupted run. You can ignore these warnings.

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