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Importing Journals

Journal Import creates journal entries from accounting data you import from Oracle and non-Oracle feeder systems. You can review, change and post imported journal entries the same as any other journal entry. Journal Import supports multiple charts of accounts, as well as foreign currency, intercompany, statistical, budget, and encumbrance journals.

Journal Import creates journal entries from data in the GL_INTERFACE table. Oracle feeder systems automatically populate this table. If you are using a non-Oracle feeder system, you must populate this table yourself.

General Ledger validates all data in the interface table before creating journal entries.

Note: For increased security and faster processing, Journal Import only processes accounting data for the set of books that you are logged into when you submit your request.

Multiple Reporting Currencies

If you use Multiple Reporting Currencies and Oracle subledger systems, and have chosen not to run Journal Import automatically when posting amounts to General Ledger from your subledgers, you must run Journal Import manually in your primary set of books and in each of your reporting sets of books.

Note: When you post a batch that was imported from an Oracle subledger system to your primary set of books, General Ledger does not create a duplicate journal in the reporting sets of books as it does for manually entered journals.


   To import journal entries to General Ledger:

Warning: Importing descriptive flexfields without validation may cause problems when modifying journal lines. If you import descriptive flexfields with errors, you may corrupt the journal lines to which they refer.

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