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Cycle Count Scheduling

Automatic Scheduling

Oracle Inventory uses the number of items in each cycle count class, the count frequency of each class, and the workday calendar of your organization to determine how many and which items you need to count during the scheduling frequency.

In order for Inventory to perform automatic scheduling you must:

Each time the auto scheduler runs, it schedules counts only for the schedule interval you defined for the cycle count header. So if your schedule interval is weeks, Inventory schedules all items that need to be counted on all of the workdays in the current week. If your schedule interval is days, then Inventory only schedules those items that are due for counting on the current date.

Manual Scheduling

You can manually schedule counts in addition to, or instead of those generated with automatic scheduling. You can request counts for specific subinventories, locators, and items, and set the count for any inventory date. For example, you could enter a request to count item A wherever it can be found in subinventory X. Or you could request to count all item quantities in subinventory Y, locator B-100.

Since manually scheduled counts have no impact on automatically scheduled counts, you can potentially count some items more frequently than you had initially planned.

Physical Location Scheduling

You can use this feature to execute location-based cycle counting. You first need to generate a schedule for counting each subinventory and locator. You then need to enter the schedule requests for each locator, specifying the schedule date.

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