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Defining Default Category Sets

When you install Oracle Inventory, you must assign a default category set to each of the following functional areas: Inventory, Purchasing, Order Entry, Costing, Engineering, and Planning. Product Line Accounting is seeded with the Inventory category set. Inventory makes the default category set mandatory for all items defined for use by a functional area. If your item is enabled for a particular functional area you cannot delete the item's corresponding default category set assignment. Default category sets are required so that each functional area has at least one category set that contains all items in that functional area.

You can enable an item for each functional area by using that functional area's item defining attribute. An item defining attribute identifies the nature of an item. For example, what designates an item as an "engineering item" is the attribute Engineering Item. If a functional area's item defining attribute is controlled at the Organization level, then that functional area may only have an Organization level default category set.

You set the item defining attribute when you define the item. The item defining attributes are:

Functional Area Item Defining Attribute Enabling Value
Inventory Inventory Item Yes
Purchasing Purchased Yes
  Internal Ordered Item Yes
Master Scheduling/ MRP MRP Planning Method MRP Planning, MPS Planning
Cost Management Costing Enabled Yes
Engineering Engineering Item Yes
Order Entry Customer Ordered Item Yes
Service Support Service, or Yes
  Serviceable Product Yes
Product Line Accounting none n/a

When you enable an item for a certain functional area, Oracle Inventory automatically assigns the item to the default category set of that functional area and the default category of that set. For example, if you set Inventory Item to Yes, then Inventory automatically assigns the item to the Inventory functional area's default category set and default category.

You may change a functional area's default category set under certain conditions. You should ensure that every item within the functional area belongs to the new default category set (which replaces the existing default category set). If the item defining attribute of the functional area is controlled at the Organization level then the new default category set should also be controlled at the Organization level.


   To define a default category set:

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