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Cycle Count Hit/Miss Analysis

The Cycle Count Hit/Miss Analysis is a summary report on cycle count accuracy. Use this report to view inventory accuracy performance.

The report determines an item's inaccuracy by considering the first count entered for the item and excludes recounts. The report considers the tolerance you have established for each class and excludes those items whose count was within the hit/miss tolerance. This tolerance is useful, for example, when you weigh count items, when a 2% error could be the scale error. For stock accuracy measurements, a 1.5% count discrepancy is not a stock keeping error but an acceptable weight count error.

Report Submission

Use the ABC and Counting Reports window and enter Cycle count hit/miss analysis in the Name field to submit the report.

Report Parameters

Cycle Count Name

Select a cycle count name. The report shows cycle count hit/miss analysis associated with this cycle count name. See: Defining and Maintaining a Cycle Count.

Start/End Date

Enter a starting and/or ending date to restrict the report to a range of dates.

See Also

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