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Defining Item Status Codes

You can use statuses to provide default values for certain item attributes to control the functionality of an item. When you update the values for a status, all items to which it is assigned are also updated.

Attention: When your current organization is not the Item Master organization, the organization is temporarily changed to the Item Master organization until you exit this window. You can use the statuses created here in all defined organizations.

A status code controls certain item attributes designated as status attributes. The status attributes are:

Associated with each status attribute is a Status Setting option. This option determines whether a status attribute value is set by the status code and is not updatable, defaulted and updatable, or not used when you define an item. You choose a Status Setting for a status attribute with the Item Attributes Controls window. You assign a status code to an item when you define the item. See: Status Attributes and Item Status Control.

   To define an item status:

   To delete an item status:

   To make an item status inactive:

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