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Defining Unit of Measure Conversions

Unit of measure conversions are numerical factors that enable you to perform transactions in units other than the primary unit of the item being transacted. You can define:

Unit of measure conversions are not organization-specific.

You must define a conversion between a non-base unit of measure and the base unit of measure before you can assign the non-base unit of measure to an item.

Specifying Which Conversion to Use

When you define an item you decide which type of unit of measure conversion to use:

Unit of Measure Conversions During Transactions

Whenever you enter an item's quantity, the default is the primary unit of measure for the item. The list of values for the unit of measure field displays all units of measure for which you have defined standard and/or item-specific conversions from the primary unit of measure.

Transactions are performed in the unit of measure you specify. The conversion happens automatically and item quantities are updated in the primary unit of measure of the item.

   To define a Standard conversion for any item:

   To define a conversion for a specific item within a unit of measure class (Intra-class):

   To define a conversion for a specific item between unit of measure classes (Inter-class):

   To make a unit of measure conversion inactive:

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