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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The list of values in the Rebate Tax Name window does not show the QuickCode that I created for my rebate.

A: Check that you have assigned the segment ranges to the Tax Credit Name in the Tax Credit Segment Ranges window.

Q: I have created my Tax Names and defined my MTD formula; however, the tax distribution was not successful.

A: Review these steps:

Review your setup.

Check that there is no Tax Name in the Enter Additional Invoice Level Information.

In the Invoice Distributions region, ensure that the appropriate Tax Name (Group Name) is entered in the Tax Name field for the Invoice line item.

If there is only one tax line, then the MTD calculation procedure did not run. Check that the profile option JA: Multiple Tax Distribution is set to Yes for the Responsibility being used.

If no rebates were calculated and you know there should be at least one rebate, then check that:

A Tax Credit Name is assigned to the General Ledger Accounts segment range

There is a Rebate Tax Name and Number assigned to the Tax Credit Name

The Tax Credit Name and Number are the same as the Tax Group that you used on the expense distribution line

Q: How does the MTD process decide which Accounting Flexfield (AFF) to use?

A: If the Use Item Account check box is checked, the tax distribution is generated based on the same account that the item being taxed. An unchecked box creates the tax lines based on the account found in the Tax Names window. If, however, a rebate applies and the Use Item Account check box is not checked, MTD will first search for an account combination in the Rebate Tax Name window, and next search the Tax Names window for the account combination. MTD stops its search when an account combination is found.

Q: I have created a new Tax Credit and need to assign the segment values to it. When I do a list of values I cannot see the value I want to use for it?

A: Once the segment is used, the segment is no longer available in the list of values.

Q: I need to change my segment range for my tax rebates. How do I do it?

A: Lets say you had a rebate range set up for the company segment as follows:


A year later, segment 5 didnt qualify for the same rebate. The new setup is:


Now its a year later and the government decides to change things back to the original state.

ITC (Previously ITC1)
ITC (Previously MUSH)

Q: My self assessed tax formula is not distributing the tax value to my tax authority account?

A: Follow these steps:

Check that you have the tax set up as a Use tax type for that tax authority, such Ontario PST.

Check that you only used tax exclusive for processing self-assessed invoices.

Q: My tax lines are not summarizing correctly.

A: Ensure that the Summarize Tax Distributions check box in the Tax Parameters window is checked. You should also look at your formula to ensure that you have directed the tax names towards the appropriate accounts. Remember it summarizes by Tax Type, General Ledger account and Tax Name for each parent Item Line.

Q: How do I correct an invoice where the wrong tax name was used after MTD has run?

A: All of the distribution lines must be completely reversed before the invoice lines can be entered with the correct tax name.

Q: Can I use Oracle Financials for Canada for Canadian tax with Web Expense?

A: Absolutely. Define a Web-enabled template with tax inclusive and assign the appropriate tax name (tax group).

Q: Can I use the Calculate Tax button more than once?

A: You can only use the Calculate Tax button once. You can only re-calculate tax if the base window allows it. If mistakes are made, the invoice must be completely reversed or adjusted by hand, or canceled and re-entered.

Q: Can MTD handle more than one tax rebate per formula (the Multiple Tax

Distribution form)?

A: Absolutely. There are three key points to consider:

The segment value that you use on your invoice distribution line is connected with the Tax Credit Name by the segment range.

The Tax Credit Name is associated with the Rebate Tax Name.

The Rebate Tax Name has the rebate percentages and optionally, an override account available.

When an Invoice Distribution is created with a Group Tax for one or more rebates, the invoice distribution works in conjunction with the segment values that you use in the Accounting Flexfield, which lets you create the rebate scenarios your tax requirements dictate. See Multiple Tax Distribution Formula for more information.

Q: Is there any other way to reverse lines (Item and Tax) other than

highlighting and hitting the reverse button?

A: Yes. Reverse and save the incorrect parent item line. Navigate to that

reversed parent item line and populate the Tax Name with the original Group Tax name.

Press the Calculate Tax button and the reversed tax lines are generated because you have used that reversed parent item line.

Q: How do I deal with rounding problems for my rebates?

A: Generally, the Invoice Tolerances for Tax handles your rounding issues. Set a reasonable tax amount range for the dollar value. Remember that the range is an absolute value. Setting the tax amount range lets you keep control over your invoice processing.

Q: Whats the best way to make changes to a formula?

A: Navigate to the record that you want to change, and delete and save the record. Re-enter the line with the correct information. Remember that you will lose your audit trail if you make changes to a previously used formula.

Q: Whats the best way to inactivate a formula?

A: There are two steps that you should follow to inactivate a formula?

Navigate to the Multiple Tax Distribution window and enter an end date on the appropriate formula.

Navigate to the Tax Names window and inactivate all of the codes associated with the obsolete formula.

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