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Reprinting VAT Invoices

Use the Reprint Invoices Workbench to erase the press number for a VAT invoice so that it can be reprinted.

Oracle Receivables keeps track of the press number assigned to each invoice so that an invoice is not inadvertently printed twice. If you need to reprint an invoice, you must first reset the press number with the Reprint Invoices Workbench. Once the press number is reset, you can reprint the invoice with the VAT Invoice report.

To refresh a press number:

1. Navigate to the Reprint Invoices Workbench (Transactions > Reprint).

2. In the pop-up Find Invoices window, enter the batch source, invoice type, and invoice number.

3. Review the invoice details that Oracle Receivables displays in the Reprint Invoices window.

4. Click the Refresh button to refresh the press number for this invoice.

5. Save your work.

6. Print the invoice with the VAT Invoice report (see Printing VAT Invoices).

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