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Entering GST Registration Information

Use the GST Registrations window to enter registration information for the Inland Revenue. This information is used to complete the GST Form 5.

Run the Singapore GST F5 report to print the GST Form 5. See Singapore GST F5 Report for more information.

To enter GST registration information:

1. Navigate to the GST Registrations window (Singapore Globalization: Setup > GST Register).

2. In the Company Code field, enter the company code that you want. The Company Name field is populated with the corresponding company name. If you change the company name, the company code changes accordingly.

3. In the Description field, enter a description of the company.

4. In the Registration Number field, enter the company registration number.

5. In the Receipt Code field, enter an optional receipt code.

6. Enter the address of the company in the Address field and the postal code in the Singapore field.

7. Enter an optional designation in the Designation field.

8. Enter the taxable persons name in the Taxable Person field.

9. Enter the company bank and branch in the Bank Code and Branch Code fields.

10. Enter the accounting period in the Accounting Period field.

11. Enter the bank account number in the Account Number field.

12. Save your work.

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