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Using Globalization Flexfields

Oracle Financials for Singapore uses globalization flexfields, which let you enter country-specific information into Oracle Payables and Receivables. The globalization flexfields for Payables and Receivables are accessed differently.


There are globalization flexfields on the Transactions Workbench and the Vendors window. These instructions apply only to the Transactions Workbench; for the Vendors window, follow the Receivables instructions.

1. Select Show Field on the Folders menu.

2. Select ( ) from the list of fields.

Oracle Payables displays the globalization pop-up window and adds the globalization flexfield column, labeled with ( ), to the window.

Once the globalization flexfield column is added to the window, you can access the pop-up window at any time by clicking in it.


There are globalization flexfields on the Transactions Workbench, the Receipts window, and the System Options window.

A globalization flexfield is a box enclosed in round brackets located next to the descriptive flexfield.

Click in the globalization flexfield to display the pop-up window.

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