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Finnish Account Analysis Detail Report

You must print the Finnish Account Analysis Detail, one of Finland's legal general ledger audit trail reports, for each closed accounting period. This report verifies that transactions are recorded systematically and it ensures the audit trail from Oracle General Ledger to subledgers.

With this report you can review your general ledger actual account balances and respective journal entries for a company, account and period range. You can also select the report to be printed for journal entries from a specific source, such as Payables or Receivables.

The report is ordered by company, account, document number, and subledger document number. The report prints a total by account and company and has a landscape format.

Finnish Account Analysis Detail helps you review balances and journal entries in document number order by account for these areas:

fin90000.gif A particular company range

fin90000.gif Account range

fin90000.gif Period range

fin90000.gif Source

Use the Run Reports window to submit the Finnish Account Analysis Detail.


Report Parameters

Report Headings

Column Headings

Row Headings

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