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Setup of Absence Types

Setting up each absence type is essentially a two-step process. One step involves defining the type, that is, entering its name, and optionally selecting a category and reasons for it. The other step involves defining an element to associate with the type. This element serves two important purposes:

To hold a single running total of time taken for two or more absence types, you associate all the types with the same absence element. For example, your absence category Personal Leave may include two absence types you need for certain reporting purposes, Compassionate Leave and Personal Business. However, you require just one running total to be kept of employees' time taken for both types of personal leave. In this case you simply associate both absence types with the same absence element.

Note: If you have a use for absence types for which you do not maintain running totals of time taken or time remaining, and which do not require any eligibility rules, you can define the type with no associated element.

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