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Setting Up AuditTrail

Setting up AuditTrail is normally a task for the system administrator.

The first four steps must be done to enable auditing of any Oracle Applications table. They are explained in more detail in the Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide. The fifth step is required only for tables in the HR account.

To set up AuditTrail:

Disabling AuditTrail

You can disable the auditing of an audit group at any time by selecting a Disable state in the Audit Groups window.

Suggestion: If you are planning high volume transactions on an audited table, such as loading a batch of information from another system, consider disabling auditing for the table's audit group. This will enable the batch loading to complete more quickly.

Before you restart auditing, you should archive your audit data, according to your business needs, and purge the shadow tables. You purge the tables by setting the audit group to Disable - Purge Table and running the Audit Trail Update Tables report. To restart auditing, you set the audit group to Enable Requested and rerun the Audit Trail Update Tables process and the Audit Trail Update Datetracked Tables process.

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Reporting on Audit Information

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