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Setting Your Effective Date

When you log on to Oracle HRMS, your effective date is always today's date. To view information current at another date, or to make retrospective or future-dated changes, you need to change your effective date.

There is a DateTrack:Date Security user profile option, which determines whether you can change your effective date. Your system administrator sets this profile option. You can check its value on the Personal Profile Values window. There are four possible values:

To set your effective date:

If your current window is a "top-level" window (one called directly from the Navigator), your new effective date remains in place until you reset it or exit Oracle HRMS. If your current window is not a top-level window, your new effective date only applies while you are working in the current window and any windows subsidiary to it. When you return to a top-level window, your effective date is reset to its previous value.

Note: In certain special cases, when you change your effective date on a subsidiary window, Oracle HRMS returns you to the previous window, and you may have to requery the records you want to view or update. This protects the integrity of these records.

So long as your effective date remains different from today's date, it is displayed in the title bar of every window.

Effective Date Reminder

When you are new to DateTrack, you may find it useful to be reminded of your effective date whenever you open a window that contains datetracked information. The reminder appears in a Decision window and asks whether you want to change your effective date. If you choose Yes, the Alter Effective Date window displays.

There is a user profile option called DateTrack:Reminder that determines when the Decision window appears. There are three possible values for this profile option:

The Not Today value causes the reminder to appear when you navigate to a datetracked window and your effective date is not today's date.

You can set the value of this profile option in the Personal Profile Values window.

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