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Updating and Correcting Datetracked Information

When you update datetracked information, you are prompted to choose between Update and Correction.

If you choose Update, Oracle HRMS changes the record as from your effective date, but preserves the previous information. If you choose Correction, Oracle HRMS overrides the previous information with your new changes. The start and end dates of the snapshot you have corrected remain the same.


Suppose you hire two new employees, Jack Lee and Julie Summers. A few weeks later Julie gets married. At the same time you discover an error in Jack's record relating to his nationality.

You update Julie's information by setting your effective date to the date of her wedding and entering her new married status, her change of name, and new next of kin information. Her previous personal information, which was valid until her wedding, remains in her record.

You correct Jack's wrong nationality by setting your effective date to his hire date and entering the correct nationality. By choosing Correction, you put the record right, from the beginning. You should check whether there is an end date in the Effective Dates region of Jack's record. If there is, you have only corrected the first snapshot of the record. Set your effective date to the day after the end date, and make the correction again. Continue in this way until the To field is blank, indicating that you have reached the last snapshot of this record.

Updating a New Record

You cannot create a record and then update it on the same day. If you try to do this, Oracle HRMS warns you that the old record will be overridden, and then changes Update to Correction. This is because DateTrack maintains records for a minimum of a day at a time.

Future Updates

Using DateTrack, you can make future updates. For example, suppose you are relocating an employee, with six months notice. You decide to enter the relocation on the system straight away. So you set your effective date to the first day when the employee will be at the new location, and change the location on the assignment.

Later that month you promote the employee to a new grade. So you set your effective date to today's date and change the grade on the assignment. Oracle HRMS checks to see whether the record has a future update scheduled. It finds that the location changes in the future and prompts you for the type of update you now want to make. You have two choices:

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