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Tracking Compensation and Benefit Changes

It is inevitable that your business rules for compensation and benefits will change over time. Element definitions, link definitions, and element entries are all datetracked. This lets you track the changes to your compensation and benefit policies without losing any of your historical employee information. The history of your definitions remains in place for validation and reporting, and for future calculations of back pay.

Maintaining Elements

After you have defined and used an element, you can make the following changes:

You cannot remove existing input values nor add new ones if you have created any entries for the element.

Maintaining Links

Link rules always control the entry of element values at the time of entry. Changes to link rules affect existing entries in different ways, depending on your use of Standard links and Hot Defaults. After you have used an element you can make the following changes to the link rules:

Policy Development

With DateTrack you can also make future-dated changes to your information safe in the knowledge that these changes will not become effective in the system until the correct date.

In this way you can use your compensation and benefit information to plan changes ahead of time; analyze the impact of these changes; adjust these changes and generally smooth out the workload that is often associated with major changes in compensation and benefits policy.

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