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Element Entries

To enter details of any compensation or benefit type for an employee you make an element entry for that employee.

Effective Duration of an Entry

Some entries are relevant to one pay period only, while others represent payments to be made every pay period.

For example, when you enter salary for an employee you probably expect to continue payment of this until you change or end the entry. In contrast, you would probably expect an entry of overtime hours to be dealt with as a single payment in the period in which it is entered.

When you define an element in Oracle HRMS, you specify whether its entries are recurring or nonrecurring.

Recurring This means that, once the element is entered for an employee, the values apply in every subsequent pay period. For example, your salaried employees expect to receive their salary once every pay period regardless of any other variable factor.
Nonrecurring This means that any entry for this element applies only in the pay period in which it is given to the employee. For example, you might define an overtime element to record the number of overtime hours worked in any pay period. You would use this information to pay the employee once only.

Attention: For each employee, the pay periods are derived from the definition of the payroll to which the employee is assigned.

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