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Element Qualifying Conditions

An employee is eligible for an element if his or her assignment matches the eligibility criteria on the link. However, an employee might be eligible for an element and yet not receive it because he or she does not meet other qualifying conditions.

Two common qualifying conditions are a minimum age or a minimum period of service in the current assignment. You can define these conditions when you define the element. You can enter or adjust these conditions when you define the element links so that you have different qualifying conditions for different groups of assignments.

These qualifying conditions are checked automatically when you try to enter an element for an employee.

Using Standard Links for Automatic Element Entry

If you want all employees who meet the eligibility criteria and qualifying conditions to receive a recurring element automatically, you can define Standard links to the element. You can create a standard link if:

If there are no qualifying conditions, the start date of the automatic entry is the date the assignment becomes eligible for the element. For example, this might be the employee's hire date, or the date of a promotion or transfer.

If you entered qualifying conditions for the element, the start date of the automatic entry reflects the date on which the employee meets the qualifying conditions. For example, if a new hire is entitled to a company car after six months, an element entry is automatically created when the employee is entered on the system, and the start date of the entry is six months after the hire date.

If the employee's date of birth is altered on the system, this may change the date on which he or she qualifies for the element. In this case, the start date of the element entry changes automatically.

Manual Element Entries

You may have other qualifying criteria that are performance or assessment based. Perhaps employees must pass a certain test or achieve a certain volume of sales before they qualify for the receipt of the element. For this type of element (and for all nonrecurring elements), you cannot define a Standard link. You must manually enter the element for those employees who should receive it. You can make entries individually or in a batch.

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