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Setting Up Events

Oracle Training Administration provides all the power and flexibility you need to schedule, administer and track training events. For example, you can:

See: Overview of Oracle Training Administration

In Oracle Human Resources, you can create events for employees or applicants in the Event Bookings window. While this window does not provide the powerful scheduling and enrollment features of Oracle Training Administration, it is useful for recording attendance at events.

Note: The system administrator can create customized versions of the Event Bookings window so that you use one version for employees and another version for applicants.


Suggestion: You could set up the Additional Event Details descriptive flexfield to record booking statuses (such as Wait Listed, Confirmed, and Attended). This descriptive flexfield displays on the Event Bookings window, the Employee Review window, and the Applicant Interview window.

To create an event:

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Managing Bookings and Attendance

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