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Viewing Position Occupancy

The Position Occupancy folder lists all those people who have held a selected position or who are applying for it, and the dates of their occupancy. This information could be relevant for selecting people with the necessary skills for similar positions.

Note: As supplied, this folder displays employees who have held the selected position or who are scheduled to hold it. Your system administrator can create a customized version of the form to display applicants who are currently applying for the position.

The supplied folder also contains a button to open the People window to see further details of an occupant. Your system administrator can change the buttons displayed on this window.

To view occupants of a position:

To see further details of occupants or applicants:

Note: There is no restriction on the assignments you can view in the Position Occupancy folder. However, you cannot view further details if you do not have clearance to view that person's records.

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