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Setting Up Assignments for Cost Collection

When you choose a cost center for an organization in Oracle Human Resources you are saying that the payroll costs of employees in the organization default to that cost center.

This works well if each organization equates to one cost center. However, there may not be a one-to-one relationship between your organizations and your cost centers.

Some employees may regularly work for fixed amounts of time in two or more cost centers. To handle these employee assignments, you need to set the Assignment qualifier to Yes for the Cost Center segment of the Cost Allocation key flexfield. This allows you to enter multiple Cost Centers in the Costing window for the Assignment. You can also enter the proportion of time worked in each center.

For example, if someone works half time in PR and half time in Sales, you can enter 50% for each. This indicates that you should collect half of the employee's payroll costs against each cost center.

Notice that costing entries for assignments are datetracked so you can enter changes ahead of time.

Note: Information you enter in the Costing window for the assignment should override any information entered for an organization. If you use Oracle Payroll this happens automatically.

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