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Single or Multiple Business Groups

A Business Group holds a complete, self-contained set of information on work structures, remuneration policies and employees.

Each Business Group can have just one particular set of segments defined for its Job, Position, Grade, Employee Group and Cost Allocation key flexfields. You set up the key flexfields for a Business Group before setting up the Business Group itself.

Many enterprises decide to use a single Business Group to hold 'live' information, so they can display, report and manage information from all parts of the enterprise at the same time.

Note: You cannot view information online for more than one Business Group at a time.

However, there are reasons for setting up multiple Business Groups in the same installation, such as the following:

The Startup Business Group

Oracle HRMS comes with one Business Group supplied as startup data. You can use this Business Group and its default definitions as the starting point for your own Business Group, or you can create a new Business Group.

If you create a new Business Group, you must create a new responsibility (or edit the default responsibility) to allow access to it, before beginning to create other work structures.

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