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Multiple Hierarchies

In addition to the primary reporting hierarchy, you can set up in Oracle HRMS as many other organization hierarchies as you need.

Hierarchies for Matrix Management

Your enterprise may have a matrix management structure in which organizations have more than one reporting line. For example, looking at the organization chart in Figure 1 - 4, the HR organization under Production may have a dotted-line reporting relationship to the organization Company HR. You can set up additional hierarchies to reflect secondary reporting relationships within your enterprise.

Security Hierarchies

As well as constructing hierarchies to reflect reporting lines, in Oracle HRMS you use hierarchies to control access to information. For example, in a decentralized enterprise you might want to give each regional manager access to the records of the employees in the organizations in his or her region.

Looking again at the organization chart in Figure 1 - 4, you want managers in the Sales East office to have access to the records of all employees in the eastern region sales groups. You can do this by building a geographical hierarchy of your regions and the organizations in each.

See: Security Profiles

Hierarchies for Reporting

When you run some of the Oracle HRMS standard reports, you can specify an organization hierarchy to determine which organizations and employees the report covers. You can also use this approach in your own standard or ad hoc reports. You can create additional organization hierarchies just for analysis and inquiry purposes.

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