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Entering New People

Use the People window to enter and maintain basic personal information for all person types, including employees.

The minimum information to enter for all categories of people is name and type. In addition, for employees you must enter gender, employee number and date of birth (for assignment to a payroll). All other personal information is optional.

To enter a new person:

Optionally, you can enter additional information for people in the alternative regions described in the following steps.

Note: The Background Information, Medical Information and Rehire Information alternative regions appear only if your system administrator has enabled them for you.

To enter office location information for a new hire or an existing employee:

To enter information for an applicant :

To enter information concerning the background check for an employee:

To enter rehire recommendation information for an applicant who was a former employee:

To enter further name information:

To enter medical information for an employee:

To enter other information for a person:

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