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Competence Profiles, Qualifications, School Attendances and Work Choices

As you recruit new people and develop existing employees, you need to track their competencies and work preferences. This enables you to match them to projects and vacancies, develop succession plans, and organize further training and certification. In Oracle HRMS, you can record the following information:

You can enter this information when an employee first joins the enterprise, taking the details from their resume or from tests or interviews. You might update it after the employee successfully completes a training course, and after periodic assessments or appraisals.

You can either enter this information using standard Oracle HRMS windows or using the web-based Line Manager Direct Access.

Copying Core or Primary Assignment Competencies

Some competencies are important for all employees throughout your enterprise; others are required for particular jobs, positions, or organizations. If competencies have been entered as core competencies for your enterprise or as requirements against a person's job, position, or organization, you can copy them to the person's competence profile. Copying competencies not only saves you time from having to enter the details yourself, but it also ensures that you do not miss entering relevant competencies.

To assist you in entering applicants and evaluating employees against vacancies, you can also copy competencies from a vacancy. The system checks all the competence requirements of the organization, job and/or position for which the vacancy is defined. It enters these against the person so that you can record the person's proficiency in each competence and then compare applicants against the vacancy's requirements.

Managing Competencies Over Time

You can make changes to the competencies and proficiency levels your employees possess over time, enabling you to see both the latest and historical information. When you view a competence profile, you can choose whether to see just the current profile or all historical information, if you want to see changes in proficiency levels over time.

Use Oracle Alert's automatic mail notification to keep you informed when an employee's competencies need certification and renewal. This frees your time for more essential tasks. For example, use the competence Renewal Period to drive Oracle Alert--it compares the renewal period date with the date on the person's Competence Profile, or the last training class delivering the skill.

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