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Reviewing or Changing Net Accrual Calculations

The rules for automatic calculation of employees' net PTO appear in the Net Calculation Rules window. Here the system displays the rules that carried over time adds to net PTO, and hours or days absent subtract from the net. You enter this window by choosing the Net Calculation Rules button in the Accrual Plan window.

The Net Accrual Calculation for Net Entitlement of PTO

The calculation dynamically adds up a plan participant's regular accruals to date. Then it adds in any carried over PTO from the previous year, obtained from the plan's Carried Over element, to produce the gross accrual to date.

The calculation next adds up all PTO taken to date, obtained from the entries in each period to the element of the plan's absence type. It then subtracts the amount of time taken to date from the gross accrual to date, to obtain the net accrual to date.

Gross PTO accrual = Accrued PTO + PTO carried over
Net PTO accrual = Gross PTO accrual - PTO taken this year

If your enterprise allows employees to purchase additional PTO or sell unused PTO, you can define elements to record information about purchased or sold amounts, query them in the Net Calculation Rules window, and select for the elements' input values, rules governing their addition or subtraction in the net accruals calculation.

Residual PTO

Notice that the system does no automatic processing of the entries of employees' residual PTO. Your enterprise may want to use these entries to inform employees of accrued but unused time they may forfeit, or to make payments for part or all of this time.

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