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Setting Up the People Group Flexfield

The People Group is a key flexfield, like Job Name, Position Name, and Grade Name. As with these other key flexfields, you can define up to 30 segments to hold information you use to identify employee groups in your enterprise.

Using the People Group key flexfield to define your groups is a powerful mechanism because you can:

If your enterprise uses pay scales to relate compensation levels to grades indirectly, you can use a People Group segment to specify which employees are processed by the Increment Progression Points process.

Once you decide how to define the Group key flexfield structure and segments, it is the responsibility of the System Administrator to set up this and the other key flexfields. At least one segment of this flexfield must be set up before you can begin entering employee assignments.

Attention: If you make any of the People Group segments required, they are required in the Element Link window, as well as the Assignment window. This means that you may have to create multiple element links if you want to use a People Group segment in the eligibility criteria for a link.

For example, suppose you have defined two segments: a Yes/No segment called Fast Track, which is required, and a segment called Pension Plan, which is not required. You want to make an element available only to members of a certain pension plan. However, you must create two element links: one for members of the pension plan who are on the Fast Track, and another for members who are not on the Fast Track.

If there are many possible values for the required segment, the maintenance of multiple links can become a burden so be cautious in making segments of this flexfield required.

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