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Providing lists of valid values for certain items of information has two key advantages:

In Oracle HRMS, a list of values is called a QuickCode Type. Each value comprises a code and a meaning. For example:

QuickCode Type Code Meaning
  N No

The codes are used internally; users do not see them. There is a maximum of 250 QuickCodes for each QuickCode Type.

Predefined QuickCode Types

A number of QuickCode Types are included in Oracle HRMS. Some contain codes as startup data. You can never delete these codes, but you can change their meaning. For some QuickCode Types, you can also disable the codes that are supplied. Your ability to disable codes and add new codes is determined by the access level of the QuickCode Type:

User You can add codes and you can disable supplied codes.
Extensible You can add new codes, but you cannot disable supplied codes because the system uses them.
System You can neither add codes nor disable supplied codes. You can only change the meaning or description of supplied codes.
Table 1 - 22 lists the predefined QuickCode Types with an access level of User or Extensible.

You can also create your own QuickCode Types in the QuickCode Type window. These all have an access level of User.

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