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Recruitment Preparation

Selecting applicants for recruitment is an extended process. You have to plan and coordinate a series of steps from identifying vacancies to organizing recruitment events.

Identifying Staffing Requirements

Using Oracle Human Resources, you can define budgets to reveal the headcount requirements within your enterprise, and then raise requisitions for the vacancies you require. You might have prior authorization to maintain your headcount or you might need to get authorization when you identify the vacancy.

Oracle Human Resources lets you record and use the information you need to raise a requisition at the time you need it. This can be particularly useful where an applicant takes the initiative by making a speculative approach. Your authorized vacancy list is clear and up to date at all times.

You can view lists of vacancies of a particular status, or a selected organization, location, job, position, grade, group, recruiter, or recruitment activity.

Skill Requirements and Specifications

If you want to match applicants with skill requirements in the selection process, you can enter competency requirements for jobs, positions and organizations. You can then use the web-based suitability search to compare the competency profiles of your applicants against the requirements of the vacancy. You can also enter deployment factors (such as relocation and willingness to travel) against jobs and positions. In the same way, you can record the deployment choices of your applicants.

You can hold a person specification or a job description on the system as attachments or using user-defined fields (called descriptive flexfield segments). As with requirements, these can be held at both job and position level.

Running Recruitment Activities

The authorization to recruit normally results in a specific recruitment activity, such as an advertisement. This might be part of some shared recruitment activity, such as an advertisement for more than one vacancy. The shared activity, in turn, might be part of another recruitment activity, such as a Graduate Recruitment Campaign.

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