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Inquiry Windows and Folders

Oracle HRMS includes some inquiry windows to meet the most common online reporting requirements. In these windows, you typically enter selection criteria in the first block then choose the Find button to view a list of people, assignments, or other entities that match your criteria. Some of these windows use folders to display the information retrieved by your criteria.

Folders are online views that you can customize. By default, the folder block in an inquiry window displays all records matching your inquiry and all fields available within the folder. However, you can create your own folders to display a subset of these records and fields. You can also choose the field labels, their size and order, and the sort sequence of the retrieved records.

For example, in the Assignment Folder window, you could create a folder called Sales Employees by Grade. This folder has the query criteria Organization = 'Sales', and it is sorted by grade.

You can define public folders, which all users can view, as well as private folders for your own use.

Inquiry Window Information Provided
Assignments Folder Lists of assignments in a folder
People Folder Lists of people in a folder
Salary Management Folder List of assignments with their current approved salary and proposed new salary
Position Occupancy Folder Lists of people who have held a selected position, or are applying for it, and the dates of their occupancy
List Assignments Assignments that match the assignment components you specify for current applicants, employees, or both
List People by Assignment People whose assignments match the assignment components you specify for current or former applicants, employees, or both
List Employees by Organization All employees assigned to one organization and, optionally, to all organizations below it in a specified hierarchy
Assignment History The dates of assignments and periods of service for an employee who has had more than one assignment NOTE: use DateTrack History on the Assignment window to see historical changes to one assignment
List Employees by Position All employees assigned to a specified position or organization and job
List Employees by Position Hierarchy Current holders of positions at and below a specified position in a position hierarchy
View Employee Grade Comparatio The amount employees receive for a specified element as a percentage of the mid-value of their grade rate range
List Employees by Absence Type All absences of a particular absence type or category within, optionally, a specified time period
View Employee Absence History Periods of absence for a specified employee
List People by Special Information All people for whom you have entered details about a specified special information type
List Employees by Element All employee assignments receiving a specified compensation element within a given time period
View Element Entry History for Employee The history of entries of one or more elements for an employee assignment
List Position Budget Variance Variances between the number of actual position holders and the values entered in a specified budget for positions below a chosen position in a hierarchy
List Budget Variance by Organization Variances between the number of actual position holders and the values entered in a specified budget for all positions in organizations at and below a chosen organization in a hierarchy
View Vacancies Vacancies matching assignment components and other criteria you select

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