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Running the HRMS Security Processes

There are three HRMS security processes:

You run these processes using a system administrator responsibility from the Submit Requests window.

Grant Permissions To Roles Process (ROLEGEN)

All reporting users in Oracle HRMS share access to a set of synonyms for tables. The synonyms are created by the Autoinstall process. You must run the Grant Permissions To Roles process to create the public grants to make those synonyms usable.

Run this process when you install Oracle HRMS, or when you upgrade the system. You must run this process before you run the Generate Secure User Process for the first time.

The process grants SELECT permissions to the role "hr_reporting_user". Permissions are not granted on the secured tables, but only on the secure views of those tables. All permissions previously granted to the role are revoked.

Generate Secure User Process (SECGEN)

This process grants permissions to new reporting users. It grants the "hr_reporting_user" role to the REPORTING_ORACLE_USERNAME specified in the security profile.

Run this process when you have created a new security profile that references a reporting user. In the Submit Requests window, select the name of the new security profile. This is the only parameter to the process.

Security List Maintenance Process (LISTGEN)

This process maintains the lists of organizations, positions, payrolls, employees and applicants that security profile holders can access. You should schedule it to run every night to take account of changes made during the day. If a disruption, such as a power cut, occurs while the process is running, you can manually restart it from the Submit Requests window.

There is one required parameter for this process: Effective Date, which should normally be set to SYSDATE. You can also enter a security profile name to generate list entries for that security profile only.

Attention: LISTGEN should normally run when there are no users logged on to Oracle HRMS. Users attached while LISTGEN is running may experience unexpected results; for example, additional employees may become visible or previously visible employees may disappear from view.

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