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Receiving Transaction Processor

Use the Receiving Transaction Processor to process your pending or unprocessed receiving transactions. How the Receiving Transaction Processor handles these transactions depends on the processing mode, which is a profile option that you can set at the site, application, responsibility, and user levels.

In On-line processing mode, Purchasing calls the Receiving Transaction Processor when you save your work.

In Immediate processing mode, when you save your work, the receiving forms call the Receiving Transaction Processor for the group of transactions you have entered since you last saved your work. Note that this is a specific group of transactions. Transactions belonging to other groups (for example, those entered by another user in Batch processing mode) are not included.

In Batch processing mode, the receiving forms insert transaction information into the receiving interface tables. These transactions remain in the interface table until you run the Receiving Transaction Processor. The receiving forms take into account all pending transactions, but Purchasing does not update the transaction history, source documents, and supply information until the transactions are processed.

You can set Standard Report Submission parameters to run the Receiving Transaction Processor at specified intervals so that your pending transactions are processed as often as required.

The Receiving Transaction Processor performs the following functions:

   To run the Receiving Transaction Processor:

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