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Collection Plans for Move Transactions

The collection plans you use to collect quality data as you move assemblies thought the shop floor are similar to other collection plans.

What follows here is a general discussion of collection plans.

Collection Plan Elements

You can add user-defined collection elements to your move transaction collection plans. For example, you might add a collection element to capture the name of a machine at a particular operation step. You can also explicitly add context to these collection plans. You can define these context elements as non-displayed. See: Reference Information Collection Elements and Collection Transactions and Context Element Relationships.


You can add actions to you move transaction collection plans then define the rules under which these actions are applied. See: Quality Actions.

Actions can be specific to Work in Process, such as the Put the job on hold action. You can also add message, alert and user-defined actions. See: Application Specific Actions, Message Actions, Alert Actions, and User-Defined Actions.

Collection Transactions and Collection Triggers

The Move Transaction collection transaction must be associated with the collection plans you use for move transactions. You can optionally associate more than one type of collection transactions with a collection plan. See: Associating Transactions with Collection Plans.

You can make the entry of quality data mandatory for the move transaction by setting its Mandatory option. If data entry is required, you cannot save the parent transaction, in this case the move transaction, without entering quality data. See Mandatory Data Collection.

You can also specify that data should be collected in the background. As you save the move transaction, the system searches for valid background collection plans. Valid collection plans are those that are associated with the Move Transaction collection transaction and are set to background data collection. See: Background Data Collection.

You can define one or more collection triggers for each collection transaction. Collection triggers allow you to specify the conditions under which quality data collection is invoked as move transactions are entered.

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