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Overview of the Oracle8i Replication Manual
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1 Replication Overview

Introduction to Replication
Applications That Use Replication
Replication Objects, Groups, and Sites
Types of Replication Environments
Multimaster Replication
Snapshot Replication
Multimaster and Snapshot Hybrid Configurations
Administration Tools for a Replication Environment
Oracle Replication Manager
Replication Management API
Replication Catalog
Distributed Schema Management
Replication Conflicts
Other Options for Multimaster Replication
Synchronous Replication
Procedural Replication

2 Master Concepts & Architecture

Master Replication Concepts
What is Master Replication?
Why Use Multimaster Replication?
Types of Master Replication
Multimaster Replication Process
Conflict Resolution Concepts
Master Replication Architecture
Master Site Mechanisms
Administrative Mechanisms
Organizational Mechanisms
Propagation Process
Performance Mechanisms
Conflict Resolution Mechanisms

3 Snapshot Concepts & Architecture

Snapshot Concepts
What is a Snapshot?
Why Use Snapshots?
Available Snapshots
Data Subsetting with Snapshots
Snapshot Registration at a Master Site
Snapshot Architecture
Master Site Mechanisms
Snapshot Site Mechanisms
Organizational Mechanisms
Refresh Process
Preparing for Snapshots
Create Snapshot Site Users
Create Master Site Users
Database Link
Schedule Purge at Master Site
Schedule Push
SNP Background Processes and Interval
Creating a Snapshot Log
Using Filter Columns
Creating a Snapshot Environment
Replication Manager
Replication Management API

4 Deployment Templates Concepts & Architecture

Mass Deployment Challenge
Deployment Templates and the Mass Deployment Goal
Oracle Deployment Templates Concepts
Deployment Template Elements
Packaging and Instantiating Deployment Templates
Template Definitions Stored in System Tables
Packaging and Instantiation Process
Deployment Template Design
Vertical Partitioning
Horizontal Partitioning with Assignment Tables
Data Sets
Additional Design Considerations
Local Control of Snapshot Creation

5 Conflict Resolution Concepts & Architecture

Conflict Resolution Concepts
Understanding Your Data and Application Requirements
Types of Replication Conflicts
Detecting Conflicts
Conflict Resolution
Avoiding Conflicts
Conflict Resolution Architecture
Support Mechanisms
Common Update Conflict Resolution Methods
Additional Update Conflicts Resolution Methods
Uniqueness Conflicts Resolution Methods
Delete Conflict Resolution Methods
Performance Mechanisms

6 Advanced Concepts & Architecture

Using Procedural Replication
Restrictions on Procedural Replication
Serialization of Transactions
Generating Support for Replicated Procedures
Designing for Survivability
Oracle Parallel Server versus Replication
Designing for Survivability
Implementing a Survivable System
Using Dynamic Ownership Conflict Avoidance
Token Passing
Locating the Owner of a Row
Obtaining Ownership
Applying the Change
Modifying Tables without Replicating the Modifications
Disabling the Replication Facility
Re-enabling the Replication Facility
Triggers and Replication
Enabling/Disabling Replication for Snapshots
Understanding Replication Protection Mechanisms
Data Propagation Dependency Maintenance

7 Planning Your Replication Environment

Considerations for Replicated Tables
Primary Keys
Datatype Considerations
Initialization Parameters
Master Sites and Snapshot Sites
Advantages of Master Sites
Advantages of Snapshot Sites
Guidelines for Scheduled Links
Scheduling Periodic Pushes
Scheduling Continuous Pushes
Guidelines for Scheduled Purges of a Deferred Transaction Queue
Scheduling Periodic Purges
Scheduling Continuous Purges
Serial and Parallel Propagation
Deployment Templates
Preparing Snapshot Sites for Instantiation of Deployment Templates
Conflict Resolution

8 Introduction to Replication Manager

Usage Scenarios for Replication Manager
Starting Replication Manager
Starting Replication Manager from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console
Starting Replication Manager as an Independent Application
Logging In To Replication Manager
Replication Manager Interface
Replication Manager Wizards
Setup Wizard
Snapshot Group Wizard
Deployment Template Wizard
Offline Instantiation Wizard
Copy Template Wizard
Flowchart for Creating a Replicated Environment

A New Features

Oracle8i New Replication Features
Performance Improvements
Improved Mass Deployment Support
Improved Security
Replication Manager
Improved Oracle8i Lite Integration
Oracle8 New Replication Features
Performance Enhancements
Data Subsetting Based on Subqueries
Large Object Datatypes (LOBs) Support
Improved Management and Ease of Use
Enhanced, System-Based Security Model
New Replication Manager Features

B Troubleshooting Replication Problems

Diagnosing Problems with Database Links
Diagnosing Problems with Master Sites
Replicated Objects Not Created at New Master Site
DDL Changes Not Propagated to Master Site
DML Changes Not Asynchronously Propagated to Other Sites
DML Cannot be Applied to Replicated Table
Bulk Updates and Constraint Violations
Re-Creating a Replicated Object
Unable to Generate Replication Support for a Table
Problems with Replicated Procedures or Triggers
Problems With ON DELETE CASCADE and Integrity Constraints
Diagnosing Problems with the Deferred Transaction Queue
Check Jobs for Scheduled Links
Distributed Transaction Problems
Incomplete Database Link Specifications
Incorrect Replication Catalog Views
Diagnosing Problems with Snapshots
Problems Creating Replicated Objects at Snapshot Site
Troubleshooting Refresh Problems
Advanced Troubleshooting of Refresh Problems

C Configuring the Oracle8i Server for RepAPI

What Is RepAPI?
RepAPI Concepts and Architecture
Server Component
Callout Classes
Client Engine
Before Using RepAPI on the Oracle8i Server
Loading and Publishing the RepAPI Server Object
Generating Offline Instantiation Files
Administering RepAPI
Replication Manager
Replication Management API
Replication Catalog
Oracle Client Replication Tool
Client Sample Program
Installing the Sample Program
Using the Sample Program


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