Oracle Provider for OLE DB User's Guide
Release 8.1.6






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Oracle Provider for OLE DB User's Guide, Release 8.1.6

Part No. A75235-01

This document describes how to contact Oracle Corporation if you have issues with the documentation or software. It also provides a list of useful resources for Oracle partners and developers.

Read the section...  If you... 

How to Contact Oracle Technical Publications 

Have issues with Documentation 

How to Contact Oracle Support Services 

Have issues with Software 

Resources for Oracle Partners and Developers 

Want to join an Oracle partner or application developer program 

How to Contact Oracle Technical Publications

Oracle Corporation welcomes your comments and suggestions on the quality and usefulness of this publication. Your input is an important part of the information used for revision.

You can send comments regarding documentation in the following ways:

If you would like a reply, please provide your name, address, and telephone number.

How to Contact Oracle Support Services

Please copy this form and distribute within your organization as necessary.

Oracle Support Services can be reached at the following telephone numbers and Web sites. The hours of business are detailed in your support contract and the Oracle Customer Support Guide in your kit.

Oracle Support Services In...  Call... 

United States of America 

+ (650) 506-1500 for customers with support contracts.

+ (650) 506-5577 to obtain a support contract. 


+44 1344 860 160 or the local support center in your country. 

All other locations 

The telephone number for your country listed at the following Web site:

Oracle Support Services telephone numbers are also listed in the Oracle Customer Support Guide in your kit. 

Please complete the following checklist before you call. If you have this information ready, your call can be processed much quicker.

Your CPU Support Identification Number (CSI Number) if applicable.


The hardware name on which your application is running.



The operating system name and release number on which your application is running.

  • To verify the operating system version on Windows NT, enter the following at the MS-DOS command prompt:

    C:\> winmsd

    The Windows NT Diagnostics dialog box displays the operating system and Service Pack version.



The release numbers of the Oracle Server and associated products involved in the current problem. For example, Oracle8i Enterprise Edition release and Oracle Enterprise Manager release

  • To verify the release number of the Oracle Server, connect to the database using a tool such as SQL*Plus. The release number is displayed. For example:

    Connected to: 
    Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - Production 
    With the Partitioning and Java options 
    PL/SQL Release - Production 




The third-party software version you are using.

  • To verify an application version, from the application's Help menu, select About...



The exact error codes and messages. Please write these down as they occur. They are critical in helping Oracle Support Services to quickly resolve your problem. Note whether there were no errors reported.





A description of the issue, including:

  • What happened? For example, the command used and its result.



Keep copies of the Oracle alert log, any trace files, core dumps, and redo log files recorded at or near the time of the incident. Oracle Support Services may need these to further investigate your problem.

To help analyze problems:

  • Archive or delete old alert logs. When the database is started without an alert log, a new one is created. In some cases, if you force the problem to recur with a new alert log, the timestamps for the recorded events may indicate which events are relevant.

  • Archive or delete old trace files. To check whether the file was modified, right-click and select Properties. The Properties dialog box displays the modification date.

  • Check the operating system error logs, especially the System log and Application log. These files are relevant to the Oracle Server. To view these files, from the Start menu, choose Programs > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer, and choose System or Application from the Log main menu.

Resources for Oracle Partners and Developers

This section provides information on partner programs and resources for Oracle database administrators and application developers.

Information Source  Description 

Oracle Corporation Home Page 

This Web site is the starting point for general information on Oracle Corporation. 

Alliance Online 

Oracle provides leading-edge technology, education, and technical support that enables you to effectively integrate Oracle into your business. By joining the Oracle Partner Program, you demonstrate to customers that you are committed to delivering innovative Oracle-based solutions and services.

The greater your commitment to Oracle, the more we can help you grow your business. It's that simple. The value you derive is associated directly with your level of commitment. 

Oracle Education 

Customers come to Oracle Education with a variety of needs. You may require a complete curriculum based on your job role to enable you to implement new technology. Or you may seek an understanding of technology related to your key area of responsibility to help you meet technical challenges. You may be looking for self-paced training that can be used as an ongoing resource for reference and hands-on practice. Or, you may be interested in an overview of a new product upgrade. Whatever your training need, Oracle Education has the solution.  

Oracle Technology Network 

The Oracle Technology Network is your definitive source for Oracle technical information for developing for the Internet platform. You will be part of an online community with access to free software, Oracle Technology Network-sponsored Internet developer conferences, and discussion groups on up-to-date Oracle technology. Membership is free. 

Oracle Store 

This is Oracle's online shopping center. Come to this site to find special deals on Oracle software, documentation, publications, computer-based training products, and much more. 

Oracle Support Services' Support Web Center 

Oracle Support Services offers a range of programs so you can select the support services you need and access them in the way you prefer: by telephone, electronically, or face to face. These award-winning programs help you maintain your investment in Oracle technology and expertise.

Here are some of the resources available in the Support Web Center: 


    OracleMetaLink is Oracle Support Services' premier Web support service. It is available to Oraclemetals customers (Gold, Silver, Bronze), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    OracleLifecycle is designed to deliver customized, industry-focused, full life-cycle support solutions that enable industry leaders to use Oracle technology to make smart business decisions, achieve operational excellence, and succeed in their markets.


    Oracle Support Services has launched a new line of services called ExpertONLINE. These services provide online database administration for companies looking to supplement their existing DBA staff or fill a DBA role. Services range from ExpertDETECT, a monitoring, diagnostic, and recommendation service, to ExpertDBA, a full online database administration service.


    VSA is Oracle's Internet e-mail service; it is available to U.S. customers with an Oraclemetals support agreement. With VSA, you can initiate a request for assistance through e-mail, bypassing the queues you may encounter when using telephone support. VSA also enables you to access Oracle's bug database.


    This site provides resources to make your interactions with Oracle as easy as possible. Among the things you can do are:

  • Learn what is a CPU Support Identification (CSI) number

  • Update your technical contact information

  • Find out whom to contact for invoice and collection issues

  • Request product update shipments

  • Access a glossary of Oracle Support Services terms


    This U.S.-based program has been established to help our customers understand and obtain maximum benefit from the support services they have purchased.

    The visit typically offers a customized orientation presentation, a comprehensive overview and demonstration of Oracle's electronic services, and helpful tips on working more effectively with Oracle Support Services.


    This site contains articles, guides, and other documentation to help you leverage the wealth of knowledge and reference material that Oracle Support Services produces.


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