Question: What type of replication site? Choices: Master or Snapshot

If master, complete the following steps:
1. Use Setup Wizard to Set Up Master Sites (Right-click Multimaster Replication 
2. Create a Master Group at Master Sites (Right-click Master Groups folder).
Question: Are data conflicts possible? Choices: Yes or No
If yes, complete Step 3. If no, end.
3. Configure Conflict Resolution Methods on Master Tables (See Chapter 5
in the Oracle8i Replication book).

If snapshot, complete the following steps:
Question: Does the master site for the snapshot site exist? Choices: Yes or No.
If yes, complete the following steps. If no, complete the previous steps to 
set up a master site.
1. Use Setup Wizard to Set Up Snapshot Sites (Right-click Snapshot Site object).
2. Create Snapshot Log at Master Site for Fast Refresh (Right-click Snapshot
Logs folder).
Question: How do you want to build the environment? Choices: At Master Site with 
Deployment Template or At Snapshot Site
If at master site with deployment template, complete the following steps:
3. Use Deployment Template Wizard to Create Deployment Template (Right-click 
Templates folder).
4. Package and Instantiate Deployment Template (see Chapter 4 in the Oracle8i
Replication book).
If at snapshot site, complete the following step:
3. Use Snapshot Group Wizard to Crate Snapshot Group (Right-click Snapshot Groups