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Release 3 (8.1.7)

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Oracle Parallel Server

This chapter describes the changes to Oracle Parallel Server for release 8.1.7. This chapter contains the following topics:

Raw Partition Tablespace Size Requirements

Some of the raw partition tablespace size requirements have changed for Oracle Parallel Server release 8.1.7 as shown in Table 4-1. These tablespaces require slightly greater capacities than the values that were published in the release 2 (8.1.6) documentation.

Table 4-1 Raw Partition Tablespace Size Requirements
Create a Raw Device for  With File Size 




78MB for Online Transaction Processing environments and 520MB for Decision Support Systems 



Connecting to Secondary Instances

The process of configuring Oracle Parallel Server to connect to secondary instances is simplified for release 8.1.7. Use the INSTANCE_ROLE parameter in the Connect Data portion of the connect descriptor to configure explicit secondary instance connections. For more detailed information and examples of INSTANCE_ROLE refer to Chapter 5, "Net8".

Recovery Manager Procedures for Oracle Parallel Server

The procedures for connecting Recovery Manager (RMAN) to a target database in an Oracle Parallel Server cluster have changed for release 8.1.7. For more information refer to Chapter 7 "Connecting RMAN to a Target Database in an OPS Cluster".

New Parameter OPS_INTERCONNECTS for Solaris

OPS_INTERCONNECTS provides information about additional cluster interconnects for use in Oracle Parallel Server environments. Oracle uses the information from this parameter to distribute traffic among the various interfaces. You would normally use OPS_INTERCONNECTS when a single interconnect is insufficient to meet the bandwidth requirements of large Oracle Parallel Server databases.

OPS_INTERCONNECTS is an optional parameter. If you do not set it, the current semantics that determine the appropriate interconnect for Oracle Parallel Server inter-node communication are preserved.

The syntax of the parameter is:

OPS_INTERCONNECTS = <if1>:<if2>:...:<ifn>

Where <ifn> is an IP address in standard dotted-decimal format, for example, Subsequent platform implementations may specify interconnects with different syntaxes.

Note: When you set OPS_INTERCONNECTS in Sun Cluster configurations, the interconnect High Availability features are not available. In other words, an interconnect failure that is normally unnoticeable would instead cause an Oracle cluster failure.  

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