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DBMS_STATS provides a mechanism for you to view and modify optimizer statistics gathered for database objects.The statistics can reside in two different locations:

  1. The dictionary.

  2. A table created in the user's schema for this purpose.

Only statistics stored in the dictionary itself have an impact on the cost-based optimizer.

This package also facilitates the gathering of some statistics in parallel. The package is divided into three main sections:


Most of the DBMS_STATS procedures include the three parameters statown, stattab, and statid. These parameters allow you to store statistics in your own tables (outside of the dictionary), which does not affect the optimizer. Therefore, you can maintain and experiment with sets of statistics.

The stattab parameter specifies the name of a table in which to hold statistics, and it is assumed that it resides in the same schema as the object for which statistics are collected (unless the statown parameter is specified). Users may create multiple tables with different stattab identifiers to hold separate sets of statistics.

Additionally, users can maintain different sets of statistics within a single stattab by using the statid parameter, which can help avoid cluttering the user's schema.

For all of the SET or GET procedures, if stattab is not provided (i.e., NULL), then the operation works directly on the dictionary statistics; therefore, users do not need to create these statistics tables if they only plan to modify the dictionary directly. However, if stattab is not NULL, then the SET or GET operation works on the specified user statistics table, and not the dictionary.


Types for minimum/maximum values and histogram endpoints:

TYPE numarray  IS VARRAY(256) OF NUMBER;
TYPE datearray IS VARRAY(256) OF DATE;
TYPE chararray IS VARRAY(256) OF VARCHAR2(4000);
TYPE rawarray  IS VARRAY(256) OF RAW(2000);
type StatRec is record (
  epc    NUMBER,
  minval RAW(2000),
  maxval RAW(2000),
  bkvals NUMARRAY,
  novals NUMARRAY);

Types for listing stale tables:

type ObjectElem is record (
  ownname     VARCHAR2(30),     -- owner
  objtype     VARCHAR2(6),      -- 'TABLE' or 'INDEX'
  objname     VARCHAR2(30),     -- table/index
  partname    VARCHAR2(30),     -- partition
  subpartname VARCHAR2(30),     -- subpartition
  confidence  NUMBER);          -- not used
type ObjectTab is TABLE of ObjectElem;

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