Oracle8i Application Developer's Guide - Advanced Queuing
Release 2 (8.1.6)

Part Number A76938-01




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Access control, 4-5
Access Control, System Level, 8-5
Add a Subscriber, 9-53
Administrative Interface, 9-1
Views, 10-1
Administrative Interface, Views, 10-2
Administrator Role, 4-6
Adt Message, 12-28
Advanced Queuing
administrative interface
privileges and access control, 4-5
creation of queue tables and queues, A-4
DBMS_AQADM package, 4-4
features, iv
correlation identifier, 1-10
exception handling, 1-14
integrated database level support, 1-7
integrated transactions, 1-8
local and remote recipients, 1-13
message grouping, 1-11
modes of dequeuing, 1-13
multiple recipients, 1-13
navigation of messages in dequeuing, 1-13
optimization of waiting for messages, 1-14
optional transaction protection, 1-14
priority and ordering of messages in enqueuing, 1-11
propagation, 1-12
retention and message history, 1-8
retries with delays, 1-14
sender identification, 1-12
structured payload, 1-7
subscription & recipient list, 1-10
time specification, 1-12
tracking and event journals, 1-8
message properties, 2-3
revoking roles and privelieges, A-68
Advanced Queuing, basics, 7-3
Advanced Queuing, multiple-consumer dequeuing of one message, 7-6
Agent, 2-3
Agent address must be specified for remote subscriber - error, D-15
Agent must be specified, D-2
agents, definition, 1-17
All Propagation Schedules, Selecting, 10-12
All Queue Tables in Database, Selecting, 10-4
All Queues in Database, Selecting, 10-10
All Recipients in recipient_list must be specified - error, D-15
Alter a Propagation Schedule, 9-75
Alter a Queue, 9-30
Application, Sample, 8-3
AQ Agent List Type, 2-4
AQ Excetpion (string) - error, D-9
AQ Object Types, Access to, 4-7
AQ Recipient List Type, 2-4
AQ Subscriber List Type, 2-4
AQjmsQueueConnectionFactory, B-76
Asynchronous, 1-12
Asynchronous Notifications, 8-77
Asynchronously Receiving Message w/ Message Listener, 12-82
Attributes of Viiew, 10-1
Automated, 1-15
Availability, 5-2


Basic Operations, Operational Interface, 11-1
BooksOnLine Sample Application, 8-1
Byte array too small - error, D-14
Bytes Message, 12-25


C, See OCI
Cannot have more than one open QueueBrowser for the same destination - error, D-15
Cannot have more than one open Session on a JMSConnection, D-2
Cannot specify both payload factory and sql_data_class - error, D-11
Class - AQjmsQueueConnectionFactory, B-76
Class - oracle.AQ.AQQueueTableProperty, B-89
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsAdtMessage, B-60
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsAgent, B-61
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsBytesMessage, B-62
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsConnection, B-63
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsConstants, B-65
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsDestination, B-67
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsDestinationProperty, B-68
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsFactory, B-69
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsMapMessage, B-70
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsObjectMessage, B-72
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsOracleDebug, B-73
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsProducer, B-74
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsQueueBrowser, B-75
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsSession, B-77
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsStreamMessage, B-78
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsTextMessage, B-79
Class - oracle.jms.AQjmsTopicConnectionFactory, B-80
Class must be specified for queues with object payloads
Use dequeue - error, D-11
Class not found
(string) - error, D-3
Class oracle.jms.AQjmsException, B-81
Classes, B-2
Classes, JMS, B-5
Commonly asked questions, 6-1
Compositing, 7-15
Connection is closed - error, D-3
Connection is in stopped state - error, D-3
Connection is invalid - error, D-3
Connection must be specified - error, D-3
Consumer is closed - error, D-3
Consumers, 7-3
Conversion failed - invalid property type - error, D-4
correlation identifier, 1-10
Create a Non-Persistent Queue, 9-27
Create a Queue, 9-20
Create Queue Tables and Queues, Examples, A-4
Creating Applications in JMS, 12-1
creating prioritized message queue table and queue, 9-9, 9-23
creating queue table and queue of object type, 9-23
creating queue table and queue of RAW type, 9-23
creating queue tables and queues of object types, 9-8
creating queue tables and queues of RAW type, 9-8
creation of prioritized message queue table and queue, A-5
creation of queue table and queue of object type, A-4
creation of queue table and queue of RAW type, A-5
creation of queue tables and queues, A-4


DBA_QUEUE_TABLES, 10-5, 10-8, 10-26
delay, 2-6
Delay Interval, Retry With, 8-84
Delay, Time Specification, 8-46, 12-62
Dequeue a Message, 11-45
Dequeue failed - error, D-4
DEQUEUE Features, 8-55
Dequeue Methods, 8-56
dequeue mode, 2-6
dequeue of messages after preview, A-33
Dequeue, Message Navigation in, 8-65
DequeueOption must be specified - error, D-12
Dequeuing of the Same Message, Multiple-Consumer, 7-6
Dequeuing, Modes of, 8-69
Design and Modeling, vi, 7-1
Destination Level Access Control, 12-15
Destination must be specified - error, D-15
DestinationProperty must be specified - error, D-4
Disable a Propagation Schedule, 9-82
Driver (string) not supported - error, D-6
Drop a Queue Table, 9-17
dropping AQ objects, A-67
Durable Subscriber, 12-48


Enable a Propagation Schedule, 9-79
Enhanced, 1-16
Enhanced Propagation Scheduling Capabilities, 8-110, 12-98
Enqueue a Message, 11-5
enqueue and dequeue of messages
by Correlation and Message Id Using Pro*C/C++, A-37
by priority, A-14, A-16, A-18
of object type, A-11
of RAW type, A-14, A-16, A-18
of RAW type using Pro*C/C++, A-22, A-25
to/from multiconsumer queues, A-44, A-47
with time delay and expiration, A-36
Enqueue and Dequeue Of Messages, Examples, A-11
ENQUEUE Features, 8-35
EnqueueOption must be specified - error, D-12
Enumerated Constants in the Administrative Interface, 2-5
Enumerated Constants in the Operational Interface, 2-6
EOF Exception (string) - error, D-10
Error Messages, vii, D-1
Example Application Using AQ, 8-1
Example JMS Applications, 12-1
Examples, AQ, A-1
Exception Handling, 8-88
Exception Handling During Propagation, 12-100
Exception Handling, AQ, 12-86
Exception javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException, B-46
Exception javax.jms.InvalidSelectorException, B-47
Exception javax.jms.JMSException, B-48
Exception javax.jms.MesageNotWriteableException, B-52
Exception javax.jms.MessageEOFException, B-49
Exception javax.jms.MessageFormatException, B-50
Exception javax.jms.MessageNotReadableException, B-51
Exception oracle.jms.AQjmsInvalidDestinationException, B-82
Exception oracle.jms.AQjmsInvalidSelectorException, B-83
Exception oracle.jms.AQjmsMessageEOFException, B-84
Exception oracle.jms.AQjmsMessageFormatException, B-85
Exception oracle.jms.AQjmsMessageNotReadableException, B-86
Exception oracle.jms.AQjmsMesssageNotWriteableException, B-87
Exceptions, B-2
expiration, 2-6
Expiration, Time Specification, 8-49
Exporting Queue Table Data, 4-2
Exporting Rules, Queue table, 4-2


Failures, Propagation, 5-4
Fanning-Out of Messages, 7-15
FAQ, 6-1
Feature not supported (string) - error, D-2
automated coordination ofenqueuing and dequeing, 1-15
enhanced propagation scheduling capabilities, 1-16
non-persistent queues, 1-9
of Advanced Queuing, iv
publish/subscribe support, 1-9
queue level access control, 1-8
Frequently asked questions, 6-1
Funneling-in of Messages, 7-15


Grant System Privilege, 9-42
Grouping, Message, 12-66


index and table structures, 5-2
INIT.ORA Parameter, 2-7
Interface - javax.jms.BytesMessage, B-17
Interface - javax.jms.Connection, B-18
Interface - javax.jms.ConnectionFactory, B-19
Interface - javax.jms.ConnectionMetaData, B-20
Interface - javax.jms.DeliveryMode, B-21
Interface - javax.jms.MapMessage, B-23
Interface - javax.jms.Message, B-25
Interface - javax.jms.MessageConsumer, B-26
Interface - javax.jms.MessageListener, B-27
Interface - javax.jms.MessageProducer, B-28
Interface - javax.jms.ObjectMessage, B-29
Interface - javax.jms.Queue, B-30
Interface - javax.jms.QueueBrowser, B-31
Interface - javax.jms.QueueConnection, B-32
Interface - javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory, B-33
Interface - javax.jms.QueueReceiver, B-34
Interface - javax.jms.QueueSender, B-35
Interface - javax.jms.QueueSession, B-36
Interface - javax.jms.Session, B-37
Interface - javax.jms.StreamMessage, B-38
Interface - javax.jms.TextMessage, B-39
Interface - javax.jms.Topic, B-40
Interface - javax.jms.TopicSession, B-44
Interface - javax.jms.TopicSubscriber, B-45
Interface - oracle.AQ.AQQueueTable, B-88
Interface - oracle.jms.AdtMessage, B-53
Interface - oracle.jms.AQjmsConnectionMetadata, B-64
Interface - oracle.jms.AQjmsConsumer, B-66
Interface - oracle.jms.AQjmsQueueReceiver, B-54
Interface - oracle.jms.AQjmsQueueSender, B-55
Interface - oracle.jms.AQjmsTopicPublisher, B-56
Interface - oracle.jms.AQjmsTopicReceiver, B-59
Interface - oracle.jms.AQjmsTopicSubscriber, B-58
Interface - oracle.jms.TopicReceiver, B-57
Interfaces, Classes, and Exceptions, B-2
Internal error (string) - error, D-4
Interval must be atleast (integer) seconds - error, D-4
Invalid Class (string) - error, D-9
Invalid delivery mode (string) - error, D-2
Invalid Dequeue mode - error, D-4
Invalid Destination - error, D-5
Invalid Navigation mode - error, D-5
Invalid object type
object must implement CustomDatum or SQLData interface - error, D-14
Invalid operation
Privileged message listener - error, D-15
Invalid payload type
Use dequeue - error, D-12
Invalid Payload type - error, D-6
Invalid Property value - error, D-4
Invalid Queue name - (string) - error, D-12
Invalid Queue specified - error, D-4
Invalid Queue Table name - (string) - error, D-12
Invalid Queue Type - error, D-12
Invalid recipient list - error, D-8
Invalid ReplyTo destination type - error, D-8
Invalid selector (string) - error, D-10
Invalid System property - error, D-7
Invalid System property type - error, D-9
Invalid Topic specified - error, D-5
Invalid value for sequence deviation - error, D-9
Invalid value for wait_time - error, D-12
Invalid Visibility value - error, D-14
IO Exception (string) - error, D-9
isten, 8-98


Java, See JDBC
javax.jms.BytesMessage, B-17
javax.jms.Connection, B-18
javax.jms.ConnectionFactory, B-19
javax.jms.ConnectionMetaData, B-20
javax.jms.DeliveryMode, B-21
javax.jms.Destination, B-22
javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException, B-46
javax.jms.InvalidSelectorException, B-47
javax.jms.JMSException, B-48
javax.jms.MapMessage, B-23
javax.jms.MesageNotWriteableException, B-52
javax.jms.Message, B-25
javax.jms.MessageConsumer, B-26
javax.jms.MessageEOFException, B-49
javax.jms.MessageFormatException, B-50
javax.jms.MessageListener, B-27
javax.jms.MessageNotReadableException, B-51
javax.jms.MessageProducer, B-28
javax.jms.ObjectMessage, B-29
javax.jms.Queue, B-30
javax.jms.QueueBrowser, B-31
javax.jms.QueueConnection, B-32
javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory, B-33
javax.jms.QueueReceiver, B-34
javax.jms.QueueSender, B-35
javax.jms.QueueSession, B-36
javax.jms.Session, B-37
javax.jms.StreamMessage, B-38
javax.jms.TextMessage, B-39
javax.jms.Topic, B-40
javax.jms.TopicConnection, B-41
javax.jms.TopicSession, B-44
javax.jms.TopicSubscriber, B-45
JMS Application Sample, 12-1
JMS Classes, B-2
JMS Error Messages, D-1
JMS Examples Payload, 12-31
JMS Exceptions, B-2
JMS Extension, 3-10
JMS Interfaces, B-2
JMS queue cannot be created in multi-consumer enabled queue tables - error, D-8
JMS queue cannot be multi-conumer enabled - error, D-6
JMS queues cannot contain payload of type RAW - error, D-14
JMS topic must be created in multi-consumer enabled queue tables - error, D-7
JMSClasses, B-5


latency parameter in scheduling propagation, 6-2
limit on length of recipient lists, 6-3
Listen Capability, 8-98
listener vs. registration for notification, 6-3
LOB Attributes, Propagation of Messages with, 8-108
Local and Remote Recipients, 8-63


Many Producers, Many Consumers - Discrete Messages, 7-3
Many Producers, One Consumer, 7-3
Map Message, 12-26
Maximum number of properties (integer) exceeded - error, D-6
Maximum size of property value exceeded - error, D-10
Message Enqueuing, 11-5
Message Grouping, 8-52, 12-66
message grouping, 1-11
Message History, 8-24
Message History and Retention, 12-16
Message is not defined to contain (string) - error, D-11
Message must be specified - error, D-6
Message Navigation in Dequeue, 8-65
Message Navigation in Receive, 12-74
Message not Readable - error, D-10
Message not Writeable - error, D-10
Message Ordering, 8-38
Message Payload must be specified, D-2
Message Producer Features, 12-57
Message Propagation, 4-7, 7-15
message properties, specification, 2-3
message recipients, definition, 7-6
message_grouping, 2-5
MessageFormat Exception
(string) - error, D-10
producers and consumers, 1-17
Messages in Queue Table, Selecting, 10-21
Messages of type (string) not allowed with Destinations containing payload of type {1} - error, D-2
messages, definition, 1-17
Messages, Error, vii, D-1
Messages, Fanning-Out, 7-15
Messages, Funneling-in, 7-15
Messaging Systems, 1-2
Modeling and Design, vi, 7-1
Modeling Queue Entities, 7-2
Modes of Dequeuing, 8-69
More than one queue matches query - error, D-13
More than one queue table matches query (string) - error, D-11
Multiple Recipients, 8-61
Multiple-Consumer Dequeuing of the Same Message, 7-6


Name must be specified - error, D-6
Name, Object, 2-2
navigation, 2-6
No AQ driver registered - error, D-13
No such element - error, D-10
Non-Persistent Queues, Creating, 9-27
non-persistent queues, use of, 6-3
Notifications, Asynchronous, 8-77
nterface - javax.jms.Destination, B-22


Object Message, 12-27
Object Naming, 2-2
One Producer, One Consumer, 7-3
OO4O, See Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O)
Operation not allowed on (string) - error, D-2
Operational Interface - Basic Operations, 11-1
Optimization of Waiting for Arrival of Messages, 8-75
ORA-1555 error on dequeue, 6-4
Oracle Extension, 3-10
Oracle JMSClasses, B-5
Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) Support, 8-29
Oracle Parallel Server Support, 12-17
oracle.AQ.AQQueueTable, B-88
oracle.AQ.AQQueueTableProperty, B-89
oracle.jms.AdtMessage, B-53
oracle.jms.AQjmsAdtMessage, B-60
oracle.jms.AQjmsAgent, B-61
oracle.jms.AQjmsBytesMessage, B-62
oracle.jms.AQjmsConnection, B-63
oracle.jms.AQjmsConstants, B-65
oracle.jms.AQjmsConsumer, B-66
oracle.jms.AQjmsDestination, B-67
oracle.jms.AQjmsDestinationProperty, B-68
oracle.jms.AQjmsException, B-81
oracle.jms.AQjmsFactory, B-69
oracle.jms.AQjmsInvalidDestinationException, B-82
oracle.jms.AQjmsInvalidSelectorException, B-83
oracle.jms.AQjmsMapMessage, B-70
oracle.jms.AQjmsMessageEOFException, B-84
oracle.jms.AQjmsMessageFormatException, B-85
oracle.jms.AQjmsMessageNotReadableException, B-86
oracle.jms.AQjmsMesssageNotWriteableException, B-87
oracle.jms.AQjmsObjectMessage, B-72
oracle.jms.AQjmsOracleDebug, B-73
oracle.jms.AQjmsProducer, B-74
oracle.jms.AQjmsQueueBrowser, B-75
oracle.jms.AQjmsQueueReceiver, B-54
oracle.jms.AQjmsQueueSender, B-55
oracle.jms.AQjmsSession, B-77
oracle.jms.AQjmsStreamMessage, B-78
oracle.jms.AQjmsTextMessage, B-79
oracle.jms.AQjmsTopicConnectionFactory, B-80
oracle.jms.AQjmsTopicPublisher, B-56
oracle.jms.AQjmsTopicReceiver, B-59
oracle.jms.AQjmsTopicSubscriber, B-58
oracle.jms.TopicReceiver, B-57
Ordering of Messages, 8-38, 12-58


Payload factory can only be specified for destinations with ADT payloads - error, D-7
Payload factory must be specified for destinations with ADT payloads - error, D-7
Payload factory or Sql_data_class must be specified - error, D-11
Payload, Structured, 8-7
Performance, 5-2
PL/SQL, 3-2
Send Us Your Comments, i
Priority and Ordering of Messages, 8-38, 12-58
Producer is closed - error, D-7
Producers, 7-3
programmatic environments, 3-2
Propagation, 1-15, 8-103, 12-90
propagation, 1-12
Propagation Failures, 5-4
Propagation Features, 8-102
Propagation Issues, 5-3
Propagation of Messages with LOB Attributes, 8-108
Propagation Schedule, Altering, 9-75
Propagation Schedule, Disabling, 9-82
Propagation Schedule, Enabling, 9-79
Propagation Schedules in User Schema, Selecting, 10-30
Propagation Scheduling, 1-15, 8-104, 12-96
Propagation, Exception Handling During, 12-100
Propagation, Message, 4-7
Property {0} not writeable - error, D-3
Property name must be specified - error, D-7
Property name size exceeded - error, D-8
Property not supported - error, D-8
Publish/Subscribe Support, 8-26
Publish/Subscribe using AQ, 7-12


Queue (string) not found - error, D-14
Queue Level Access Control, 8-11
Queue object is invalid - error, D-13
Queue Privilege, Granting, 9-47, 9-50
Queue Propagation, Scheduling, 9-65
Queue Propagation, Unschedule, 9-69
Queue Subscribers and Their Rules, Selecting, 10-37
queue subscribers, definition, 7-6
Queue Subscribers, Selecting, 10-35
Queue Table (string) not found - error, D-11
Queue Table Messages, Selecting, 10-21
Queue Table must be specified - error, D-13
Queue Table, Creating, 9-5
Queue Tables in User Schema, Selecting, 10-25
Queue Tables, Altering, 9-14
queue tables, definition, 1-17
Queue Tables, Dropping, 9-17
Queue Type, Verifying, 9-72
queue_type, 2-5
QueueProperty must be specified - error, D-13
Queues for Which User Has Any Privilege, Selecting, 10-17
Queues for Which User Has Queue Privilege, Selecting, 10-19
Queues In User Schema, Selecting, 10-28
Queues, Altering, 9-30
Queues, Creating, 9-20
queues, definition, 1-17
Queues, Dropping, 9-33
Queues, Point-to-Point, 12-39
Queues, Starting, 9-36
Queues, Stopping, 9-39
QueueTable object is invalid - error, D-13
QueueTableProperty must be specified - error, D-13
DBMS_AQADM package, 4-4


Receiving Messages, 12-71
Recipient list length limit, 6-3
Recipient Lists, 8-36, 12-53
Recipients, 1-18
Recipients, Local and Remote, 8-63
Recipients, Multiple, 8-61
Registration failed - error, D-8
Registration for notification failed - error, D-15
registration for notification vs. listener, 6-3
Remote Recipients, 8-63
Remove a Subscriber, 9-62
retention, 2-5
Retention and Message History, 8-24, 12-16
retention and message history, 1-8
Retry with Delay Interval, 8-84
Revoke Queue Privilege, 9-50
Revoke System Privilege, 9-45
revoking roles and privelieges (AQ), A-68
Role, Administrator, 4-6
Role, User, 4-7
Rule, 1-12
Rule-based Subscription, 8-94
Rules, 1-19
Rules, Selecting Subscriber, 10-37


Sample Application, 8-3, 12-4
Sample Application Using AQ, 8-1
Sample JMS Applications, 12-1
Scalability, Queue Operation, 5-3
Schedule a Queue Propagation, 9-65
Scheduling Propafation, 8-104
Scheduling Propagation, 12-96
Scheduling, Propagation, 1-15
Security, 4-4
Security with Queues, 4-4
Select All Propagation Schedules, 10-12
Select All Queue Tables in Database, 10-4
Select All Queues in Database, 10-10
Select Messages in Queue Table, 10-21
Select Propagation Schedules in User Schema, 10-30
Select Queue Subscribers, 10-35
Select Queue Subscribers and Their Rules, 10-37
Select Queue Tables in User Schema, 10-25
Select Queues for Which User Has Any Privilege, 10-17
Select Queues for Which User Has Queue Privilege, 10-19
Select Queues In User Schema, 10-28
Select the Number of Messages in Different States for Specific Instances, 10-41
Select the Number of Messages in Different States for the Whole Database, 10-39
Select User Queue Tables, 10-7
Send Us Your Comments, i
sequence_deviation, 2-6
Session is closed - error, D-6
Session object is invalid - error, D-14
Create a Queue Table, 9-13
Enqueue a Message, 11-10, 11-13, 11-7
SQL, 1-7
SQL Exception (string) - error, D-9
sql_data_cl must be a class that implements SQLData interface - error, D-14
Sql_data_class cannot be null - error, D-11
Start a Queue, 9-36
state, 2-6
Statistics Views Support, 8-34, 12-19
Stop a Queue, 9-39
Stream Message, 12-24
Structured Payload, 8-7
structured payload, 1-7
Structured Payload/Message Types, 12-20
Subscribe, 1-9
Subscribe Support, 8-26
Subscriber must be specified - error, D-8
Subscriber name must be specified - error, D-3
Subscriber, Adding, 9-53
Subscriber, Altering, 9-58
Subscriber, Removing, 9-62
subscription & recipient lists, 1-10
Subscription, Rule-based, 8-94
Subscriptions and Recipient Lists, 8-36
Support, 1-9
Support for Statistics Views, 8-34
System Level Access Control, 8-5, 12-13
System Privilege, Granting, 9-42
System Privilege, Revoking, 9-45


Taable and index structures, 5-2
Text Message, 12-27
Throughput, 5-2
Time Specification
Delay, 8-46
Expiration, 8-49
Time Specification - Delay, 12-62
Time Specification - Expiration, 12-64
Topic must be specified - error, D-10
Topic Publisher, 12-51
Topic, Publish-Subscribe, 12-46
Topics cannot be of type EXCEPTION - error, D-9
Troubleshooting JMS Errors, vii, D-1


Unschedule a Queue Propagation, 9-69
use cases
full list of internal persistent LOBs, 11-2
model, graphic summary of, 9-1, 11-1, 16-1
User Queue Tables, Selecting, 10-7
User Role, 4-7


Verify a Queue Type, 9-72
Views, 10-1
visibility, 2-6
Visual Basic, See Oracle Objects for OLE(OO4O)


wait, 2-6
Waiting for Arrival of Messages, 8-75

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